Thursday, 16 September 2010

Why Facebook is retarded

I've resisted going on FB for a long, long time. Even now my account is mainly dormant and only linked to my wife (unavoidable) and 2 friends (the first two that sent me a FB invite). I never ever use it and have piled up a list of ignored invites, thankfully noone seems to have taken this personally. I've always regarded FB as kind of childish with a hint of superficiality, the typical kind of meretricious garbage that modern civilization is so good at. Anyway I was doodling about on it yesterday (bored or what, huh?) and found what I think is definitive evidence.

Number of FaceBook likes:

Michael Jackson: 19,978,349

Lady Gaga: 18,023,542

Pink Floyd: 6,799,832

Led Zeppelin: 1,105,496

JS Bach: 36,998 (I've summed up the the total from various spelling, orthographic variants etc).


J.S. Bach Never had a hit record or Grammy nomination

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