Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Life's a bitch and so am I

Picked this up from the comments section in Steve Sailer's iSteve blog.

Hot Girls Not Being Hired Because Less Attractive Women Dominate HR At Corporations: Study

Abstract: Job applicants in Europe increasingly imbed a headshot of themselves in the top corner of their CVs. We sent 5312 CVs in pairs to 2656 advertised job openings. In each pair, one CV was without a picture while the second, otherwise almost identical CV contained a picture of either an attractive male/female or a plain-looking male/female. Employer callbacks to attractive men are significantly higher than to men with no picture and to plain-looking men, nearly doubling the latter group. Strikingly, attractive women do not enjoy the same beauty premium. In fact, women with no picture have a significantly higher rate of callbacks than attractive or plain-looking women. We explore a number of explanations and provide evidence that female jealousy of attractive women in the workplace is a primary reason for the punishment of attractive women.

Link to the full study seems broken, I'll put it up when its fixed.

This confirms what most of us already knew, viz. that plain looking or mediocre women are insecure, jealous bitches. Most of the girls that I have gotten to know closely who were super accomplished (i.e. highly intelligent, musically/artistically talented, impressive academic credentials, good looking etc...), are also the ones that I'm still on pretty good terms with (I married one  :-). On the other hand, things have generally ended nastily with the dull, mediocre, borderline good-looking ones mainly because their fragile egos just can't handle the realisation of not being the centre of universe or the fact of their beta-hood. 

Whatever the case, the next time I send in my resumè it'll be with this pic attached.

Of course I'll need to come up with some stellar explanation as to why I don't look the least bit like Takeshi Kaneshiro!

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