Monday, 7 March 2011

Eat da PooPoo!!!!

So wrong that its right. To paraphrase Wilde, "One would have to have a PC-heart of stone not to laugh".

Fave bits are where he shoves the gay porn in the face of the recoiling Bishop, and later at the two-minutes hate with the frenzied crowd reaction. I'm also tickled to think of Pastor Martin Ssempa trawling the internet for hours searching for gay porn. 

Disclaimer: I don't give a shit what consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their Turkish baths so long as no gerbils are harmed. As a heterosexual man I'm all in favour of homosexuality as it means less competition for me. But while I support gay marriage, their right not to be molested/discriminated against for their predilections, etc....I draw the line at gay adoption or at off-the-rack InstaFamily's like Elton John's and whatshisface's. Its all very well to feel virtuous, inclusive and liberal in benignly condoning (or even celebrating) these self-styled courageous smashing of moral taboos, but everything generates a reaction and society has been going downhill these last 40 years after the Sexual Revolution and the concomitant decline of absolute moral standards. It's time to draw the line on the more militant demands and say we will not bend over backwards to accommodate their ends.

Hat tip to Oriental Right

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