Friday, 8 April 2011

Dear (Pseudo) Men.........

Blatant attempt by a group of manginas to wangle a charity fuck. If you had the fortitude to sit through the entire 8 minutes you might have noticed two particularly annoying points (over and above the general pussi-ness). Firstly, who the hell authorised these suck-ups to apologise on behalf of the entire male sex? Second, there's a bit where an idiot unfavourably contrasts the masculine tendency to rely on data and logic with feminine intuition and holism. I mean, seriously, feeling trumps logic in finding out how the world works? Is it possible to get any dumber than this, in addition to being deeply insulting to women scientists and mathematicians?

I've never encountered anything as cringe-inducing in this particular department since Lennon's "Woman". "Imagine" sucks as well. Of his solo work only "Jealous Guy" and "Mother" are great songs although lyrically they're beta with their apologising-for-everything leitmotiv. That bitch Yoko's got a lot to answer for.

Frankly it's not going to work as well since any sexually desirable female can smell weakness a mile off. If only these men (generously defined) could borrow their balls back from their bull-dyke partners for a few hours they might be able to work that out. Of course this pedestalization of women goes back to kindergarten where we're taught that girls are made of "sugar and spice and everything nice". To which I would retort, "Then why do they smell of fish?".

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