Sunday, 10 June 2012

Old things

I was helping a friend clear out his cellar in advance of some necessary renovations. He'd bought a house lock, stock and barrel from the heirs of the previous owner (who had expired in the master bedroom. I didn't ask how long before he was discovered). The cellar was chock full of junk overlaid with decades of dust and cobwebs but we cleared it eventually. Not my idea of an ideal Saturday afternoon, but the weather was foul and I was rewarded for my pains. One of the items he was about to discard turned out to be an antique cheese cutting board. I asked if he was sure about this, I mean like, really sure? and when he answered in the affirmative I didn't need any prodding to take it off his hands. After all one doesn't come across 180 year old culinary equipment every day.

Hallmark of Basel Canton (it split into Basel-City and Basel-Land the following year, 1833,  which gives this some historical significance)
I celebrated the find with a vintage of a different sort.

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