Thursday, 13 September 2012

Two Fucks and a Bitch

Spotted this publication while doing a literature search on ovarian cancer.

Unfortunately I could only read the abstract (and not the full paper) as our library doesn't subscribe to the journal. I'm tempted to write the authors for a reprint.

"Dear Dr Fuck

I read with great interest the abstract to your 2006 publication on ovarian teratomas in a female canine (Vet Rec. 2006 158:565-67). Unfortunately our local library does not subscribe to the journal and I would be glad if you could kindly send me a reprint of the publication.

With best regards and collegially yours,


PS I would be delighted if you and your co-authors were to do me the honour of inscribing the reprint. My thanks in advance."

On second thought I guess that would be jejune and I should just console myself with the expectation that the blogpost heading should send the number of daily hits into the stratosphere.

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