Tuesday, 10 August 2010


An assortment of fungi growing around our house.

These ones sprout like crazy over a 20-30 sq. metre patch in our back garden after a heavy rain. They bloom(?) for a day then decay leaving a powdery, black stain.

We've never observed them before this summer but they seem to be following the roots of a birch tree that was cut down about 3 years ago.

Different sort with a leathery, appearance.

Young puffball found in a play-ground

We returned a few days later and it had matured. It was fun squeezing it slightly and watching millions of tiny brown spores puffing out. Ah, the simple joys :-)
These were fairly numerous and were always mottled, moth-eaten etc.

Another rather unattractive species. Can't all be babes :-)

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