Monday, 9 August 2010

OK, off home soon. It was the first day of the new school year today and J started primary 3. When I think how many years he still has ahead of him..............Jesus wept. Get the news when I get back, I don't expect he'll have any problems academically, he's a bright kid and being typical Asian parents we've been pre-preparing for Maths, reading, GK etc.....but we hope he has the chance to have fun with the other kids without getting into too much trouble.

Have to get him to finish learning Bach's Minuet in G before tomorrow as well when he resumes piano lessons (what did I just say about typical Asian parents?). He's come along quite well under my coaching during the vacation (pretty amazing as I don't play the piano!). I should hang my head in shame as I still haven't completed learning Minuets I & II from the first Cello Suite (BWV2009) after 3 weeks :-( I foolishly tuned the guitar to open G a couple of weeks back and its been like a drug, just doodling out delta-blues licks.

MORAL: Have several guitars for different tunings!

Thats my guitar, a Yamaha APX4. Pretty nice electric-feeling neck but its cut-away a bit too high up.

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