Monday, 18 October 2010

Instant Karma

I read on a blog that on Google instant, when "Can I get" is typed in, the user is immediately prompted with the suggestion "Can I get pregnant from a dog".

Well of course, I just HAD to try it out and actually you have to type in "Can I get p" before receiving the canine associated query (Answer: No, not unless you're a bitch). However just typing "Can I get" brings up the equally hilarious "Can I get AIDS from swimming with black people"! Just keying in "black people" prompts "black people stole my car"!

I assume that these suggestion are generated automatically based on previous search queries and logged search usage frequency. This raises the alarming point that there is a sizeable number of people out there capable of using computers who actually entertain the possibility of humans being impregnated by dogs.

All I can say is that when this breaks, I wouldn't be surprised to see groups picketing the Google HQ on the 9 o'clock news demanding mandatory sensitivity training for Google employees.

Search terms: black-toilet-amputee-handjob-porn. The limitless horizon of cyberspace!

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